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The common five q&a board box

by:Yiqing Luggage     2021-02-15
Boarding box is to be able to directly bring the plane don't have to deal with formalities of trunk, a lot of people because do not often do the plane, so for boarding box knowledge does not understand, today, Jin Jieqiang compiled to everyone about common five q&a board box, check out together. 1, what is the difference between the pull rod box and boarding box? Boarding box is a kind of pull rod box, but pull rod box is not necessarily can be boarding the plane. The so-called registration box is only less than airlines rules can be directly take plane travel bags. More than this size will have to go to the check-in counter of the baggage. So the so-called boarding box is refers to accord with certain size range of pull rod box. And ordinary rolling suitcase is broad, the concept of a small, all can not take a plane. 2 calculate the wheel box size, boarding? Boarding box size is need takes into account the wheels, because when checked, the wheel will occupy the same space. But the provisions of the airlines may be different, some airlines standard slightly wider, bigger is no problem; But other airlines check is more strict, not allowed beyond any standard. How much is 3, boarding box specification? IATA( The international air transport association) Recommend boarding box size, general provisions is the sum of trilateral size less than 115 cm. Regulation is different, different airlines can ask ahead is going to take their flight standards for selection of airlines. In general, the lower ticket prices, the less the free baggage. What are the common size 4, boarding the chest? Cases of common size are below 20 inches of boarding the plane, in general, 16, 17, 18 and 20 inch luggage can be boarding directly, but because of various luggage standard is different, so not all of the 20 inch of trunk board can be perfect. Even some 18, 19 inch luggage may also because of the high aspect does not comply with the provisions of the airlines have to check it. 5, the weight of the boarding box requirements? General boarding box is 5 kg ~ 7 kg, the weight of the part of the international airlines flight boarding box is 10 kg weight requirements, specific weight needs to see airline regulations.
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