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The Chinese brand with luggage luggage luggage that brand is good

by:Yiqing Luggage     2020-08-29
Articles carried by the luggage, just as its name implies, is a device used to go out with to receive a package, can also be called travelling bag, bag or, is the necessities we go out in the distance. For luggage brand, needless to say, foreign and domestic brands have a lot of, then the luggage with luggage that brand good? By art fine below small make up for your explanation: speaking of domestic brands, have to speak of the leader in the field, professional do sports brand - Li ning, we all know that li ning brand li ning, chairman is a member of the famous Chinese men's gymnastics, the Olympic champion, nicknamed the 'prince of gymnastics', after his retirement in 1988, li ning, named after the name founded the 'li ning' sports brand. Under, in the above products, also won a lot of the love of consumers, the second sports brand, anta, 1991, the first time in a shoe factory in fujian jinjiang the door hung a sign of anta, after 20 years of development, anta sports goods co. , LTD has now become the nation's largest integrated sports brand company. Anta production luggage is popular with the young man's love, in the domestic sports brand, anta accessories, backpacks, socks, word of mouth is very good. The third word of mouth to say a good brand, it is art clear up, belong to Jin Jieqiang brand, founded in 2012 in Hong Kong, in Europe and the United States, Hong Kong registered trademark brand, have their own processing plants, is the collection production design, proprietary brand, original design, we don't do the product copy or a copycat, we need to do is to guide the industry, we design the product is not only the pursuit of beautiful appearance, more the pursuit of fashion and practical at the same time, if there is only beautiful appearance, not practical, also can is a flower bottle, if only practical, but not beautiful, it can't attract your attention, combining with the characteristics of this, we design products, is to take its balance, design become the favorite travel bag products, and to the brand recognition of Chinese art shine. Small make up summary: Chinese brand bags, luggage with luggage that brand is good? Today is a simple introduction here, want to know more related consulting, can continue to pay attention to small make up, focus on art or web site.
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