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The best preparation to work before custom kit

by:Yiqing Luggage     2020-11-12
Recently many customers consultation kit customization of related matters, in the process, Jin Jieqiang also found some problems, that is a lot of clients before the custom kit didn't prepare for related work, this leads to the late custom kit wasted a lot of time in some respects, even the manpower and financial resources. To this end, Jin Jieqiang small make up says lobbyists custom kit to everyone to do what preparation work before, the hope can give you help when custom kit, hurriedly and see it. 1, ahead of the toolkit's design scheme using a more satisfactory, convenient to package and will be tailored according to different load tools by, which requires a specific design, after all, bags manufacturer production kit is also carried out according to the design scheme. If customer does not have the capacity to design the related solution, it can draw a sketch is ok, maybe the function requirements, size, color and other marked out, late looking for make up bag manufacturers, it also can save a lot of design time. 2, be sure to know what is the total weight to load the tool any kit is a relevant limit bearing weight, if kit weight bearing strength is less than the tool, the kit not only bear the related tools, more important is also can damage the tool, if the tool is a few more sophisticated equipment, damage if the loss is bigger. So, custom kit before, be sure to tell factory tools of total weight, and then choose according to weight related material do kit. 3, determine the good budget a little bit better package cost is not low, in particular the precision equipment kit, its production process is complicated, the cost is high also, so that customers at the time of custom kit to tool value is relative custom budget according to oneself, or cause the factory quoted price is quite high, manufacturers in the pit will feel yourself, everybody know is worth, you get what you pay for, good material kit cost not too low. Number 4, clear custom every manufacturer have the minimum order quantity, manufacturers custom-made kit number comparison pay attention to. , after all, an enterprise to survive, not only have to pay for the production cost and artificial cost, but also pay for the input of energy, and kit is generally need through the design, proofing, such as process, therefore, the manufacturer will according to the number of custom to offer, the more the number, the more competitive prices. Toolkit for customized request is higher, therefore, if the customer can get ready for your arrival, whether for bag manufacturer or for clients, is can save a lot of trouble, and reducing waste of time, therefore, suggest the customer before custom kit ready for work. Looking for professional kit customization factories making toolkit, look for the Jin Jieqiang, Jin Jieqiang founded more than ten years, has focused on bags custom research and development design and production, its not only has enough ability to provide customers professional custom kit products, but also for customers special research and development design more cost-effective kit. Custom manufacturer, look for the Jin Jieqiang!
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