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The backpack is suitable for the custom which fabrics

by:Yiqing Luggage     2020-11-29
Fabric has a lot of, can customize the backpack in the more common backpack fabrics on the market for polyester, nylon, canvas these three types, these fabrics such as density, characteristics, applicable to custom backpack type is different also, below, Jin Jieqiang small make up different types of backpack gave you talk about custom which is suitable for fabrics, hurriedly and see it. 1, polyester fabrics, polyester quality of a material is high strength, good elasticity, similar to some wool, its heat resistance is strong, not hygroscopic, generally making polyester backpack is given priority to with leisure sports, material is qualitative light and thin, waterproof and grinding, also not easy to fade. Polyester quality of a material is used for leisure backpack, student backpacks, cosmetic bag, etc are also more. 2 nylon, nylon fabric texture density is higher, package surface solid elastic, wear-resisting, easy to clean, at the same time has good waterproof effect, bearing strong, made of nylon material became the shoulders of choice for laptop make up bag. General nylon backpack pure color design is given priority to, material strong enough to bear or endure dirty, not easy scratches, aging resistance is the strongest of all the bag material, durable use. Commonly used in high-grade backpack, outdoor backpack and fabric pull rod box. 3 canvas, canvas faces with density determines the appearance of the fabric texture, feel, abrasion resistance and permeability. Canvas backpack joker type has been a fashion to be bestowed favor on newly, mainly in the fashion leisure favored, colorful variety of appearance design, more canvas bag continued wave front. But the shortage of the canvas is lasting use easy burr, general tide people use rucksack will swap bag with clothes. Backpack has been a popular consumer favorite bags, different materials of the backpack is suitable for the use of different crowd, the enterprise at the time of custom backpack, should pay attention to what use a multitude according to positioning, according to the characteristics of the use the crowd to select fabrics, this product positioning precision of bag to receive the user's favorite. Gift bags customized to find manufacturers, please look for the Jin Jieqiang! Jin Jieqiang is a professional bags customized manufacturer, was founded in 2004, has been operating for more than ten years. For more than ten years, we only focused on bags custom service, first service a baidu, alibaba, market network and large companies such as HP technology, design and production is rich, trustworthy!
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