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The annual meeting of the sweepstakes to issue what prizes

by:Yiqing Luggage     2021-03-02
Every arrive the end of the year, annual meeting is a big head staff, especially the lottery offering prizes. The choice of the Chinese New Year lucky draw prizes has been the company purchasing department was very headache thing, lucky draw prizes need to have some ideas, raffle prizes that can carry the appropriate atmosphere, make sweepstakes atmosphere is very warm. The level of the prize cannot too much, of course, prizes can be divided into three levels, level too much difficult to determine the corresponding level of prizes. In addition to prepare appropriate prize, also need to prepare some activity programs, can encourage employees to participate in the program, to participate in the program staff can get a gift. This gift can travel is wash gargle bag, cosmetic make up bag, folding make up bag, etc. Activities need to be set to eighty percent or eighty percent chance winning above, cash prizes and physical need to separate out reward, the cash needs and match the reward. When purchasing New Year lucky draw prizes, need to purchase according to the amount of bonuses, sweepstakes cash awards are indispensable items in the New Year, many companies is going to be a prize, in the New Year will be set for the first prize in the lottery, or prize award the prize value need some high, mainly in order to attract employees actively participate in the sweepstakes. Like the award and special award, is to reward employees backpack and pull rod box as prizes. Awards need to be extracted directly by the chairman of the board of directors of the company, and field distribution of cash, award the prize is people's attention, is also the most exciting moment, the whole raffle custom bags as prizes, try to consider the cost performance and practicability of prize.
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