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The aluminum frame material pull rod box about the quality

by:Yiqing Luggage     2020-12-11
The aluminum frame material pull rod box is more and more popular in recent years, major brands have the aluminum frame material pull rod box, but a lot of people for the aluminum frame material pull rod box does not understand, so also don't know how about quality of the aluminum frame material pull rod box, today, Jin Jieqiang small make up will give you the answer answer, together to get to know understanding. Aluminum frame pull rod box refers to the opening and closing of the box way fluctuation two parts are made of aluminum frame, and most of the aluminum frame material is PC and aluminium magnesium alloy rod box, aluminum frame stronger pull rod box as a whole will be strong, to travel in the tired can sit above the rest, the box will not deformation, very convenient, good quality aluminum frame rod box as long as you don't hard fall off not easily broken. Aluminum frame pull rod case analysis of the advantages of aluminum frame more strong compressive rod box than the zipper pull rod box, stronger bearing capacity, it is not easy to squeeze deformation, strong resistance to bump, inside the suitcase is valuables, such as notebook computer, etc. , can well protect the security of the goods, don't worry about it will crush and aluminum frame rod box look more fashionable and tidy, look more better, and more convenient to use. Aluminum frame rod box shortcoming analysis of aluminum frame rod box prices more expensive, and than other materials of the same size pull rod box more cumbersome, aluminum frame pull rod box not resistant to fall off, may lead to a hard fall aluminum casing deformation, resulting in box appears to open it or can't do it, and the cost of maintenance will be more expensive. Summarize the above is the resistance to bump don't fall, good-looking but expensive, but also heavy, suit to install expensive items are afraid of pressure, we can according to your own need to consider to choose the aluminum frame pull rod box. Pull rod box custom still hotspots for looking for a factory? Choose Jin Jieqiang, the quality of the goods time all trust, as benchmarking enterprise of guangdong suitcase industry custom, Jin Jieqiang has focused on bags production and research and development, is committed to providing valuable bags custom service!
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