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Teach you how to choose good quality rod bag

by:Yiqing Luggage     2020-10-03
Pull rod bags, compared to the pullman capacity is elastic, can hand can pull rod dragged, functional diversity, use is very convenient for tourists, so pull rod bags are more popular with consumers. And in order to ensure the quality of the experience of the journey, the choice of travel bag carefully, good quality rod travel bag to use when you travel. So, how to choose good quality rod bag? 1, pay attention to the fabric selection rod bag fabrics are generally cloth kind of material, the cloth kind material and there are many, but no matter choose which kind of fabrics, tie rod bag quality to be good, fabric is must have a strong, wear-resisting, not easy to fade and other characteristics, of course, if can also waterproof fabrics, it couldn't be better. 2, attention to the quality tie rod quality is very important to use the convenience of stick luggage luggage, rod quality if it is not reliable, journey will only add a lot of trouble, so, pull rod bags, the choose and buy must pay attention to see whether the rod on the bags and firm, tie rod is pulled up and down smoothly. If it is with button bars, but also whether the button after press down soon bounce. Moreover, the material of the pull rod, belongs to the iron, or iron aluminum, or aluminum. All the iron, the price is low, often used for relatively cheap cheap bags. Material good, of course, is the whole aluminum, material is light, strong, not easy deformation, the cost is higher, adopts the pull rod bags are usually not cheap, so use more on high-end bags; In aluminum shell that is outside the tube was made of iron and aluminum tube is, commonly used in high-grade bags. 3, attention to the quality wheels without wheels, how also said rod on the bag. Check the wheel, first to see if it is firm, if there is a shake left and right wheels. See if the wheel surface luster. Luster is commonly made of raw material, and the wheel surface without luster, and some rough made with recycled materials, such wheels in quality must be less. Still have to put the bags on the ground, pull back and forth, to see if the wheel rolling smoothly and has no noise. 4, pay attention to the zipper quality zipper quality to a certain extent, can determine the service life of the pull rod bags, go out in the outside, if take luggage, pull rod bags will be maintained bulging, and if the zipper quality is bad, body a little full of critical chain, think about feel dejected. So, when choosing a pull rod bags, everybody should pay attention to the quality of zipper to choose metal texture, zippers on both sides of the smooth, lab dense thick, pull over and over again to see what the chain of change, the sort of more durable and is to choose the double zipper. How to choose a good quality tie bag, today is a simple introduction to here, want to know more about travel bag, can continue to pay attention to small make up, focus on art or website.
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