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Summer will come bag custom good time

by:Yiqing Luggage     2020-11-19
Custom bag is summer season, in order to ensure the children can receive bag when new semester begins, will grasp the customers, need to customize the bag bag custom needs certain time period, combined with the logistics time, so it is very important to ready ahead of time, the following, Jin Jieqiang to introduce several best-selling book bag, and see it together. 1, the large capacity students shoulder bag bag logo by screen printing color printing, have simple artistic breath; Twill material with 420 d nylon material, feel is exquisite and comfortable; After using sandwich high trampoline materials, high strength of breathable and back pressure effect, let the children carry more easily. In the design of internal storage, customize the front side of the main bag, primary storage bag and picture of the double pockets, multiple receive design more convenient. 2 bag bag, multi-function spinal burden students using EVA stero-prototyping back board design, can effectively alleviate the pressure of the carried back when bearing, front with large area security against the cursor and PVC box, and the effective recognition of safe protection. Design on one side of the side pockets for the glass net bags, side for three-dimensional zipper bag, convenient access to some commonly used small items, bag body space is large, the interlayer is rich, ordered a receive powerful and functional bag with safety protection. 3, printed checkered stitching is this noble British wind ultralight spinal bag design style, according to the requirement of the college wind using color is tie-in, fabrics through strict screening, waterproof, abrasion resistance, tear resistance, non-toxic harmless. In addition, after the picture design, with comfortable, breathable, spinal, functional design is perfect for students ( 1 - Grade 6) Use. Bags customized, please look for the Jin Jieqiang Jin Jieqiang all bags are all manufactured according to customer requirements, selected styles and can be printed on the make up bag the school name, LOGO, mascot, telephone, address, etc. Jin Jieqiang manufacturers custom-made bag belongs only to your school, personalized, is a school flowing scenery line! Schools can in the new semester, will be distributed to children bag as a gift, can also be a schoolbag in recruitment of students registration as a gift, small make up need to counseling.
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