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Summer travel bags go heart is recommended

by:Yiqing Luggage     2021-02-06
Anticipated long holidays & ndash; There are more than a month is about to start the summer vacation, although this is does not make sense for an office worker, but for students and parents, summer vacation is the best time to enjoy family time, a lot of parents to give children relax and see the outside world, will choose to travel. When it comes to travel, have to mention is the choice of travel bags. Away from home, travel bags can put all our articles and property, in order to play, therefore, it is very important to choose a suitable travel bags. Take a look at below small make up about a summer travel package go heart what is recommended. 1, 3 - travel time 4 days, it is suggested that selection and backpacking excursion, easily play more fun, and summer clothing is more thin, a capacity is a little bit big travel make up bag can hold items needed for a family outing, and travel bags easy to carry, suitable for short trips. This literary little pure and fresh color leisure bags, small and pure and fresh style, the van, rapid decrease of age, let fashion 1 s upgrade! This backpack on his back, parents can be like a young student, carry bright colours of the backpack, shuttle in the streets, and the children enjoy this wonderful family time together, at the same time, the double color choice, can also come with children a parent-child make up bag, parent-child play theme fits summer vacation. 2, 3 - travel time 7 days, it is recommended that the selected 20 inches of travel rod box 20-inch pull rod box size is 34 cm long and 20 cm high and 50 cm wide, the size of the pull rod box can be boarding the plane, don't need to check in, summer clothes with a 8, 9 sets of plus some toiletries is no problem, and 20-inch suitcase don't have to check in, the plane is very convenient. This candy color 20-inch PC pull rod box, classic candy stitching color design, colour and lustre is beautiful beautiful, stylish and lively. Using pure PC material, durable, have significant waterproof effect; Collocation silicone self-return arm in arm, is not easy to damage, carry easily travel way; The TSA lock set up more international customs, reduce time pass inspection, prevent damage of devanning lock broken body, scattered luggage. 3, travel time more than a week, suggest to choose 24 inches of travel rod box 24 inches pull rod box size is generally long 42 cm, 68 cm high, 26 cm wide. The size of the pull rod box by plane will have to check it, and 24 inch box capacity is larger, more suitable for a family of three 5 - Nine days of travel, ChangDuanTu all appropriate. This noble silver PC mute wheel 24 'pull rod box, noble silver appearance atmosphere noble, noble flavor, pure PC pull rod box appearance bright bright eye, material waterproof shockproof, durability is strong, so long service life. Tie-in self-return arm in arm don't need to go to great pains can be extracted easily, more a mute universal wheel, makes the use place free shuttle, reduce a lot of time, travel/the meeting/community party can arrive faster. Summer travel bags custom, is looking for a Jin Jieqiang manufacturers! Jin Jieqiang into in 2004, is a set design, development and production and processing as one of the bags customized services, professional tailor travel bags for various groups, and provide a number of its choice travel bags customized programs, is your best partner of suitcases and bags.
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