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Summer travel backpack custom matters needing attention

by:Yiqing Luggage     2021-02-06
Accompanied by the footsteps of the summer vacation, summer travel market began to heat up, a lot of parents are planning to take advantage of the summer vacation with the children go out to play, and go out to play, and backpacking is indispensable, many travel make up bag dealers and seize the opportunity to grab the custom all kinds of travel make up bag, backpack sales to preempt the summer trip. Below, Jin Jieqiang manufacturer will give us the summer travel bags custom matters needing attention, to understand understand together. 1, design selection is given priority to with light wear summer travel, light can walk out of a sweat, if carry make up bag stuffy, it's added fuel to the fire, the wet back will seriously affect the gameplay experience of people, and, more importantly, sweat back if not volatilize, wind also easy to catch a cold, affect the body health. So, choose summer travel backpack, backpack must be cooling ventilation on back, so you can bring good with experience, in addition, in order to reduce weight, backpack design should give priority to with light, more accord with the summer to use, this backpack, is more popular with consumers. 2, pay attention to choose the fabric quality is directly related to quality of backpack, so, before custom bags, fabric is better to choose good wear resistance and high toughness, fabrics. Travel time, often need to climb a mountain wading, if luggage fabrics don't wear resistance and toughness is not high, so very easily torn or weight, embarrassed not to say, the most important thing is can't take away the life in a luggage items, very trouble. Custom luggage had better choose density smaller fabric, this fabric is usually light, help reduce the burden. In addition, the choice of fabric had better have waterproof function, the common saying say it is the unforeseen, so the waterproof function is necessary. 3, pay attention to the goods time length today is the hottest time travel backpack custom, many clients require emergency custom backpack trip, but the market customization demand, and the manufacturer's production capacity is limited, the customer to customize travel backpack, just a row of single, must be made according to the production plan is not to say that an order can immediately on-line production, so, this would require the clients to communicate with factory in advance the goods time, so as to avoid overdue and pay the goods. Backpacking customization, please look for the Jin Jieqiang manufacturers. Jin Jieqiang founded fourteen years, not only have rich experience in production bags, have enough ability to research and development to customer demand design new style, choose Jin Jieqiang custom bags, brand bags custom manufacturer, with strength guaranteed, trustworthy, worthy of choice
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