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Summer camp backpack custom design is recommended

by:Yiqing Luggage     2021-02-06
In late may, summer vacation began to countdown, major is engaged in the summer camp activities related companies also started the students rob war, in the face of fierce market competition, companies are trying to appeal to consumers, including many enterprises customized summer camp exclusive backpack to applicants, in the form of the favorable feedback consumer also can to a certain extent, to raise their advertising effect, to this, why not do it. Today, Jin Jieqiang manufacturers is to recommend a few suitable for summer camp backpack design, hoping to bring help, and see it together. Apply for summer camp backpack style has a lot of, but most of the summer camp is to belong to the actual experiential activities, custom party at the time of custom backpack, will give full consideration to use environment, applicable people, then choose the appropriate style for custom. 1, use the crowd is primary school pupils, because age is small, height is not high, so the custom backpack, backpack design choice will pay attention to summer camp, to give priority to with light, durable, tong qu, as far as possible to match the be fond of children. This summer camp is main chest adopts nylon streams is expected to join the PU custom-built, the summer camp chest package with light color + sky blue highlight summer breath, positive can be related to the brand LOGO, with a double head design of main frame design, can be classified to store more goods, designed for the nylon straps can be adjusted according to the height to length, chest package overall volume is not large, but the commonly used items can be installed, this package is suitable for small pupil using age, so as to participate in summer camp activities of elementary school students use is very good. 2, use the crowd were high school students, height, bearing ability is better, so the custom' target='_blank'>make up bag can be larger, but the items are needed for summer camp is a little bit more, so, need to pack the capacity is large, so that we can pack, all the baggage without having to take the luggage. Leisure backpack cixin using jacquard nylon as main ingredient, light resistant and waterproof, high volume partition design, large capacity at the same time also let the goods in good order, the whole version design sports leisure, light does not lose vitality to the person, at ease, comfortable feeling, travel backpacks positive cooperate with customizable corresponding brand LOGO printed, expand the brand publicity. The above is a simple introduction about summer camp backpack custom, if want to know more customized design, welcome to online consultation. It is worth noting that the backpack is generally but not ordinary, a creative fashion make up bag, can let you become the focus of the crowd. Summer camp custom backpack can print company LOGO or slogan, mobile advertising, make backpack will walk back to do any advertising, with unexpected advertising effect. At the same time, the use of a backpack cycle is long, persistent propaganda enterprise. Such advertisement effect you don't move, like to come to consult us.
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