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Summer bag custom case sharing

by:Yiqing Luggage     2021-02-07
Finally back in school, & other; God beast & throughout; Has been drained, you parents finally from summer vacation this & other; Purgatory throughout &; In came out. The new semester, to back a new bag of course! After earlier production custom, Jin Jieqiang customized for the customer the new hand bag has been sent to the students on time! Today, Jin Jieqiang to share a few bags custom case, and to learn to understand together! 1, kunshan international school bags, rod box custom custom case Jin Jieqiang for kunshan international school students bag, rod box, all materials are using environmental protection material, is passed the certification of the relevant environmental protection inspection institutions, the main ingredient of export European testing standards, test results, real and effective guarantee material harmful substances residue, green environmental protection, health and comprehensive student bag, rod box products such as health and safety to use. The custom bag and pull rod box has been in the middle of August shipment, deliver customers to use. 2, shenzhen hao party sky kindergarten is custom case the make up bag is shenzhen hao sky kindergarten is for new students exclusive custom bag, the custom children's shoulder bag, style fashion, fine selection of dupont can lift waterproof nylon fabric as main ingredient, texture soft, comfortable and waterproof and abrasion scrape resistance. High quality process customization, bags are all stress points by play dates reinforcement technology, increase the stress point at the same time also can make the bag more sturdy. 3, bud kindergarten custom bag case the custom style bag is Jin Jieqiang bud kindergarten for bud kindergarten exclusive design custom, all material adopt environmental protection, non-toxic, non-polluting polyester fabrics, feel is soft, comfortable, quality of a material is solid wear-resisting of water proof, easy to clean and good care, beautiful and practical combination. This series of bags adopt buds kindergarten VI exclusive color to match design, fashionable unique, delicate and beautiful appearance, exquisite silk screen logo on package, strong specificity, representative, helps to enhance students products promotion and unity of the students a sense of community, for teachers, students, parents love. Every summer peak is the bag custom, the school uniform custom bag to the student, not only can increase school characteristics, improve students' identity in school culture, cultivate the students' collective consciousness, more help to the school brand image and professional propaganda, improve school foreign degree of visibility and brand, the bag back, advertising is do what, mobile advertising platform, the propaganda effect of leverage. Above is Jin Jieqiang summer bag custom case share for you, dear friends, want to learn more about bag custom or other backpack custom related details, welcome to call Jin Jieqiang official free hotline 4000061690 for more exclusive information!
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