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Suitable for winter back what kind of cosmetic bag? Velvet cosmetic bag is a good choice

by:Yiqing Luggage     2020-10-12
Next week is about to enter the beginning of winter throttle, indicated that winter is coming, so in this cold season, ladies out for back what kind of cosmetic bag? What material of the cosmetic bag, suitable for travel in the winter. Winter fashion trend is different from the summer, winter more bright color collocation, after all, in the winter, if color too drab dim, also can make our mood be affected. Therefore, the collocation of color cosmetic bag need bright, can be in the winter, give you deliver some temperature. Winter clothes, also tend to velvet, cotton-padded jacket, the feather series, etc. , can be said to be the basic 'hairy', this kind of dress, the traditional cosmetic bag is not suitable for collocation, is also need the same series of cosmetic bag, can let you in winter fashion. Art or have a few velvet cosmetic bag, can be said to be tailor-made for winter, velvet material, feel is smooth and soft, and bring their own senior feeling, very suitable for winter travel use. Above: velvet fan cosmetic bag above: velvet receive cosmetic bag above: velvet square cosmetic bag above: velvet rabbit ears
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