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Structure and function bag custom to have what? Listen to how countries WeiJianWei

by:Yiqing Luggage     2020-12-02
to customize a big advantage is the custom can according to their actual needs for exclusive design customization, including the styles of bags, fabric, color, size, bag function barrier distribution can be customized production according to their own needs. When it comes to bags custom, a good make up bag, what structure should have the functions? About this problem, Jin Jieqiang today will give you arrange some countries WeiJianWei structure related rules for bag, know to understand together. About the structure and function of the bag to national health committee of the People's Republic of China issued a voluntary health industry standard 'the schoolbag sanitary requirements of primary and middle school students,' to the style of the bag, function configuration made relevant provision, specific as follows: the style of the bag should use grew up in the wide shoulder bag, as shown in figure 1. The size of the make up bag should comply with the requirements of table 1. In model 1 and model 2 bags of front and side, 0° ,45度; 90度; ) Reflective material, equipped with at least 20 mm wide shoulder strap should be equipped with at least 20 mm, 50 mm long, wide reflective material. Support should be on the back of bag, support material can be meet the requirements of the health cotton polyurethane, PVC foam, etc. Model 3 and model 4 bags can match chatelaine and chest strap. Comfort and other aspects of bag to accord with the requirement of QB/T 2858. Whether school uniform custom bag or other organizations, the existence of the above regulations are everyone can refer to, on the basis of the above regulations combined with its own characteristics of the custom bag, will be a unique personalized bags, not only has a certain symbolic significance, also has certain advertising effect. back to go out, see logo printed on the package information, others will know that bag from where, where bag back, which, advertising is propaganda effect of leverage. Jin Jieqiang exclusive for customers to find a factory bag design ▼ is custom custom, 16 years old custom manufacturer & ndash; — Jin Jieqiang, Jin Jieqiang you're worth it, not only have rich experience of personalized bags custom, also has a professional design and production team and advanced assembly line production equipment, can satisfy different customers from two aspects of hardware and software of customization requirements, exclusive design custom satisfactory for the customer the bag products. custom Jin Jieqiang official free hotline: 4000061690 waiting for you to CALL at any time.
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