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Sterilization UVC ultraviolet XiaoDuBao just 3 minutes

by:Yiqing Luggage     2021-02-04
New crown since the SARS outbreak, to prevent the virus infection, adhere to the sterilization work has become a popular daily will do one of the items. When it comes to routine sterilization, material, time needed for different ways of disinfection, sterilization effect is different, today, Jin Jieqiang sterilization, gave you talk about UVC ultraviolet XiaoDuBao only for 3 minutes, to learn to understand together. UVC ultraviolet XiaoDuBao is Jin Jieqiang recently developed new bags, mainly USES the UVC derived from aerospace science and technology LED the sterilization technology, built-in UVC LED lamp bead, 12 May 360 & deg; Surround type UVC ultraviolet light, UVC ultraviolet ray direct illuminate surfaces, DNA or RNA molecules that can destroy an object surface microbial structure, make the bacteria do not develop or death, so as to achieve the purpose of sterilization. More important, UVC ultraviolet XiaoDuBao, sterilization time just 3 minutes, can reach 99. 9% of strong sterilization effect, uvc ultraviolet disinfection XiaoDuBao effect has wide through micro measuring microbial inspection center certification, real and effective detection results, so you can rest assured. With the sun insolates, boiling water disinfection compared to the traditional disinfection methods such as the applicability of the uvc ultraviolet XiaoDuBao, convenience, the effects of sterilization, sterilization time required is better on a lot of, also as a result, the uvc ultraviolet XiaoDuBao once listed, is favored by many consumers. UVC ultraviolet XiaoDuBao commute whether it's the life that occupy the home or travel, the XiaoDuBao is very good choice, all items to the sun can be put in sterilization, like underwear, mobile phones, masks, baby toys, baby bottles and even fresh fruits and vegetables, can be put in sterilization, but should pay attention to, because XiaoDuBao neri contains electronic components, when using can not place objects damp or water, lest damage XiaoDuBao, affect the use. On the point! ! ! The existing related research proof, UVC LED technology for new crown pneumonia virus is inactivated, to some extent can effectively kill the new crown pneumonia virus, epidemic prevention special period, equipped with the UVC ultraviolet XiaoDuBao, only three minutes, to prevent the virus infection, give yourself and your family health and safety to caress more intimately.
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