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Spring Festival return don't let your backpack bear is overweight

by:Yiqing Luggage     2021-02-18
The lunar New Year holiday approaching, whether friends home heart have tempted, whether has to pick up your luggage bags? Again, Jin Jieqiang will remind everybody, the Spring Festival return don't let your backpack bear is overweight, so as not to affect the use of even a healthy body, why say that? To learn to understand together. Any backpack is a certain bearing limits, the over weight bearing scope, backpack is likely damage, directly affect the use, so the backpack when the choose and buy, must pay attention to buy backpack is probably how many kilograms of bearing range, to see if it was in line with their own bearing demand, if not, suggest not to buy it. In addition, the body also is to have bearing ability range value, beyond a certain bearing weight range, in the long term, it is possible to affect health, in general, for youth is in growth phase, backpack weight must not exceed 10% of the weight, physical quality general adult or female, backpack weight cannot be more than 15% of body weight, even those physical quality is very good, backpack weight cannot exceed 20% of the weight. When custom make up bag of choose and buy, try choosing shoulders knapsack, wide straps to some, had better choose the waist abdomen to help the design of bearing. For a long time of bearing the weight is too heavy backpack, average person can't stand. If due to the heavy backpack neck arm is damaged, usually through methods such as physical therapy, sports can restore, but if you don't timely treatment, cosmetic, it may cause spinal injuries, asymmetry of back muscles, such as serious consequences, shall be caused take seriously. Home during the Spring Festival, luggage and equipment will inevitably a bit much, but Jin Jieqiang or want to recommend, reasonable backpack, don't let your backpack bear is overweight, affect the use or health.
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