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Spot backpack how to quickly add logo

by:Yiqing Luggage     2021-01-25
Q: how can spot backpack quickly add logo? A: spot backpack can use laser technology to customer logo laser on the metal plate, so as to realize fast and the effect of the logo. Due to spot backpack is ready finished bags, therefore, for customer's logo, the logo process selection is limited, basically can only choose metal laser laser technology, such as embroidery, screen printing, embossing logo process or is not on the finished make up bag, either implementation effect is not good, so, on the spot backpack to add logo, Jin Jieqiang advised to choose a metal laser laser process. Laser laser logo color have black and grey, black, needless to say, you know, and what color is the color of the five gold itself, to the logo is what color, color effect is not obvious, most customers will choose the black style effect is obvious, of course, the specific choice the effect of which kinds of style, also according to customer needs to order. Effect of laser laser logo black there are800,000 monographs ▼ spot backpack is more bags manufacturer in response to the customer to product, to exclusive production of goods urgently, and so on and so forth, after all, when a number of custom or less cargo urgent bad on-line production, spot backpack can solve a lot of trouble, the spot is usually can be in customer's logo. Jin Jieqiang, for example, the spot sales choose some popular backpack design every year, now the payment backpack can support small batch order, delivery cycle short, usually 2 - Can go out for 7 days. If the customer need the goods urgent or fewer words, now the payment backpack is the choice of a very high performance-price ratio. Interested in spot backpack custom or dear friends, there is demand can be dialing Jin Jieqiang official hotline 4000061690 free consultation for details.
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