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Small business bag custom need to understand the knowledge

by:Yiqing Luggage     2020-11-27
Business bag custom distinctions are used for gifts, to protect backpack finished product quality, before custom, many items are need to understand. Today, Jin Jieqiang small make up take you to know about the small business make up bag custom need to understand knowledge, and see it together! 1, fabrics and cloth because fabrics and cloth is mainly used for bags in the external and internal material. Cannot have drawnwork business bag custom surface: fabrics, yarn stripe to uniform, clear and consistent color yarn with grain article number to sufficiently, thickness to have yarn to straight. Rubber: end of stick glue won't come unglued, rubber not white. 2, ribbon ribbon is a lot of more phyletic, such as plain, the appearance of fine lines, grooved, etc. , but the weight of each different specifications of the ribbon has standard. The outside edge of two whether smooth, the surface is uniform, drawnwork, dyeing, no burr. For more than three, business backpack foam and sponge between cloth and cloth in the bag bag, bag bag is can't see. If it is mainly the thick bottom and density ( A square is there enough weight) 。 Good cotton elastic, not easy to open. Mesh material: elastic, stress is good, not easy break, no yarn breakage phenomenon. 4, loading zipper chain cloth and pull head quality level mainly to distinguish: such as A, B, C grade, the more forward the level of quality, the better. Specifications to the size to distinguish: such as the no. 3, 5, 8, 10, such as size, the larger the number specification. In smooth, when you need to pull piece is strong, not easy to open, the phenomenon such as deformation. Business bag on custom Jin Jieqiang, specializing in the production of 16 years, has its own r&d team designer team and senior bag bag, can provide original hand painted sample for your choice, or customize the make up bag image in your mind.
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