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Small batch students bag can customize

by:Yiqing Luggage     2021-03-06
Q: small batch students bag can customize? Answer: custom about students bag, most manufacturers to save the production cost, the minimum quantity is related regulations, if the custom number can not meet the minimum quantity, manufacturers would choose not to receive. In guangdong area, for example, most of the backpack manufacturer for bag is the minimum quantity of an order - in 200 300, if it is a custom number less than these, that want to customize the make up bag, looking for a manufacturer will be difficult, but, even if the factory would like to order, due to the small batch customization bag overall production costs will increase, as the cost of paving, a single bag price will be higher than some custom, custom if can accept high price, factory also can produce custom orders. The small batch customization students bag? There is demand of friends can choose to look for the spot factory, some bag factory is equipped with some spot bag, customer needs, can be directly or put customer logo can be printed, spot make up bag custom cycle short, cost is relatively low, the only drawback is the manufacturer of spot fixed style, style can choose, is not so with exclusive custom personalized, but for small batch customization customers, spot make up bag is very good choice.
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