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Small batch backpack custom how to find the manufacturer

by:Yiqing Luggage     2021-03-06
The number of different customers, for the backpack custom is different, for the high number of customer, looking for related manufacturers are more easier, and for those who customize a less number of customers, looking for the right manufacturer is not an easy thing, why say that? Small batch backpack custom how to find the manufacturer? What is to Jin Jieqiang factory advice. Small batch backpack custom is really not easy to find the right manufacturers, because most of the bags manufacturer to save the cost of production, for the minimum quantity of an order for bags have relevant regulation, if less than minimum quantity, a lot of manufacturer for saving the cost of manpower and material resources, can choose not to receive, even if take the list, but due to the small number, unit price cost will increase a lot, it will be for the custom side is a big burden. For, for small batch backpack custom client, do more, or one-time increase number in order to reduce the production cost, at the same time, the amount is much, manufacturer looking for will be more easily, or have to find some small workshops or small manufacturer, and these are not small factory production capacity of large factory, so, for a minimum quantity requirement is not so high, but it is possible to customize time is slightly longer. If the number of custom really very small and difficult to find manufacturers for production, the spot should consider manufacturer customer design. In the case of Jin Jieqiang, Jin Jieqiang selected some hot style production 1 - every year 5 spot without LOGO, can support 20 minimum quantity. Customers can be found in the case of spot his favorite style, and choose their favorite tiepai processing customized style, general 2 weeks after the order can complete the production, at length, strong brand effect, cost is relatively low, so, for the custom less number of customers, buying spot is the choice of high performance-price ratio. Looking for choice knapsack, look for the Jin Jieqiang manufacturers! Jin Jieqiang in bags custom industry not only has more than ten years of experience in production, management, and in the more than ten years, served hundreds of the famous enterprises, China citic bank, ping an bank, cnooc, dell, huawei, millet, and so on. Custom good quality bags, Jin Jieqiang is not a second choice!
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