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Small bags custom class - Suitcase proofing of those things

by:Yiqing Luggage     2021-01-10
About bags custom, proofing is an important step is omitted, only the proofing sample to get customer approval, then the bags custom manufacturers is likely to win customer order, then order production. Today, Jin Jieqiang factory and talk to you about those bags proofing. Bags custom proofing is proved luggage manufacturers direct embodiment of strength of high and low, proofing process is relatively complex, including designs, materials, play version, sewing test between the manufacturers strength, proofing ability good make up bag factory to produce bags products can be approved by clients, like, proofing ability how to direct embodiment bags manufacturers of professional, so that customers in choosing a bags custom manufacturers, if the manufacturers strength somewhat confused, let the factory proofing look at first, so that the actual validation factory strength. It is important to note that the customer if sure you want to proofing, the factory proofing deposit upfront may charge a fee, but most of the manufacturers for proofing will full return when the client order or return the deposit. Because proofing, manufacturer to purchase the corresponding materials according to customer requirements, this is the cost to produce, if the customer didn't order, the manufacturer is free to the customers proofing again, the manufacturer will be at a loss, so the majority of manufacturers in order to guarantee their own interests, often can according to customer's requirement to collect the corresponding sample proofing fee deposit, if you are a manufacturer, believe that you can understand why factory proofing fee. Jin Jieqiang is so so, such as the customer will return the sample charge after place order. Bags order please assign Jin Jieqiang! Jin Jieqiang was founded in 2004, specializing in customized gift bags, can be to figure to sample customized design, proofing in a timely manner, on time delivery, excellent workmanship, reputation guarantee, our company strength is abundant, the heavy credit, keep the contract, guarantee product quality, in good faith, the strength and product quality get industry recognition, won the trust of customers!
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