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Shenzhen where there are pockets manufacturers

by:Yiqing Luggage     2020-10-24
Purse is now essential motion, as more and more people, pay attention to the outdoor sports, or traveling for an outing, is need to carry money, their own belongings can receive inside, so, the place in foshan, where there are pockets of manufacturers? Above: pockets for foshan, is also one of the fastest developing cities in China, in just 40 years, become famous international metropolis, the development, is the development of and many factories here, inseparable, and now here in foshan factory, mainly distributed in baoan district and the district, but said today will give you the purse manufacturer, is located in longgang district of foshan city. Foshan Jin Jieqiang brand arts fine tourism supplies co. , LTD, located in foshan city longgang district pinghu street - new kimura wenchang road 104 4, is the origin of a purse production factory, proprietary brand, original design, the brand was founded in 2012, and in multiple regions registered trademark brand, create their own factory in 2017, is a set design and production, which integrates the source of the manufacturer, support OEM and ODM, can come to diagram designing, free design, lightning shipments. Scan, get pocket products offer statement: medium turn to pick a propaganda, please inform our company and indicate the source 'Jin Jieqiang art - fine Foshan purse manufacturer ', the case page: https://www. ptraveldesign。 com/articles/sznlyy。 超文本标记语言
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