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Shenzhen ever pick up in the production of branded handbags factory

by:Yiqing Luggage     2020-09-10
The development of foshan, is inseparable from the early built many factories, so just make a 'made in foshan', the influential brand, so to speak, come here looking for branded handbags production factory, there are a lot of manufacturer can choose. Now due to foshan development needs, the key to build high-tech city, many manufacturers of the bags are concentrated in the baoan and longgang two area. So find a processing factory, is need in these two areas looking for. Above: looking for branded bag bag production and processing production factory, is not find a factory can produce, every factory has its own production and customized, in plain words, is a production, production can not reach, find the processing factory is not meet your production list? Each manufacturer is different, is not the same as the minimum production, general factory in foshan side pick up production orders, production is the need to achieve a single phone monochromatic 500 to start, so why would such a standard? Mainly the following two reasons: above: bag production workshop 1, made production, must know, the production of each product, is not you give me product, I immediately can be produced, the early also need proofing, open mould and so on a series of process, also need the artificial spending, if can not reach the production, can say, factory production of this product, is losing money. Also can produce under 2, 500, but the cost of production will increase, the average production of each product unit price will increase, if the customer can accept, so less than 500 production, also can produce. Stick a card above: bag end, foshan, is a joint production of branded handbags factory, according to your specific quantity, specific communication and factory, if have doubt, also can call the hotline 173 - manufacturer 0442 - 8983, we have professional customer service, 24 hours for your reception.
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