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Seven bags custom manufacturer told you custom bag process

by:Yiqing Luggage     2020-10-20
In recent years, custom bags become the main business gifts customized products, many companies will go to the source, production have their own brand logo bag, bag itself has outstanding characteristics such as liquidity is fast and practical. Especially suitable for enterprise as a gift to give away, can have very good publicity effect. However, some enterprises procurement staff, don't understand the industry, more not clear custom bag production process, today small make up to foshan art shine to introduce the custom bags under the process of seven. A custom manufacturer for bag, online communication, the most basic will start to search the Internet, looking for the manufacturer, will communicate with factory 'the bartender', achieve a basic understanding of communication. Second, the demand for communication 'bartender' communication, business people will give your information to manufacturer, business people will be with you on the phone or WeChat and some other social platform to communicate with you, make sure your custom demand, according to your previous requirements, will also do a basic price range for the early stage of the product, if you feel you can, can confirm product demand. Three design proofing, this is the factory internal process, after receiving the customer product requirements form, design team from a manuscript drawing - Material plate - open Shop cutting - Parking space in sewing, making the finished product. Four, sample confirmation via workshop to produce finished goods will be delivered to the customer, confirm whether products meet their needs, after confirmed, reply to the manufacturer. Five orders, production factory after receiving the customer confirm sample qualified, will be carried out in mass customization production, general is 500 a quantitative base, batch production and processing. Six, shipment inspection batch production of products, hard to avoid can have the product quality is uneven, the manufacturer will have a professional quality inspection section, product sampling inspection, only after the quality inspection qualified, would the product package delivery. Seven, after-sales service customization bag after the product shipped, do not represent order process has ended, but represents a manufacturer and you are the real start, for the first time cooperation, on both sides have a new understanding, relative to the enterprise, customize their corporate gifts, looking for a manufacturer to customize different gifts every year, with cooperation with the manufacturers experience, so the next time a custom production bags, in choosing the manufacturer, also can save a lot of time, improve work efficiency. Custom bags of seven processes, is a simple introduction here, today want to know more information, can continue to pay attention to small make up, focus on art or website.
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