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Scientific prevention artifact - — But fold, can disinfect UVC ultraviolet XiaoDuBao

by:Yiqing Luggage     2020-11-16
New crown pneumonia outbreak development up to now, its powerful infectious let the whole world can't dismiss it. Thought gradually along with the outbreak of control, you can breathe a sigh of relief for a while, but recently, Beijing, urumqi, Hong Kong, dalian and other epidemic rebound, new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control, a long way to go! Epidemic prevention and control, needs the joint efforts of everyone, everyday actively do a good job in epidemic prevention shoppers to prevent virus infection. Today, Jin Jieqiang is to introduce a scientific prevention artifact & ndash; — But fold, can disinfect UVC ultraviolet XiaoDuBao, meet together. The worldwide new crown pneumonia outbreak is really hard to change people's health habits, before a lot of people don't care about personal items, disinfection, and home is very anxious to inside and out are disinfected again now. In the present outbreak is not fully under control, sterilization work or cannot be lax. During the outbreak, a lot of people at home are equipped with alcohol, disinfectant and sterilization items, but some small objects, electronic products, daily sterilization is not apply liquid items such as alcohol, disinfectant to disinfect. At this point, the folding, can disinfect UVC ultraviolet XiaoDuBao are to big. XiaoDuBao UVC ultraviolet ray is the folding Jin Jieqiang based on exclusive research and development under the new crown pneumonia outbreak, the UVC derived from aerospace science and technology LED the sterilization technology, built-in nine UVC LED uv light bead, but 360 & deg; UVC ultraviolet light, formed a full range of & other UVC sterilization array & throughout; , only three minutes, can quickly kill 99. 9% of escherichia coli, candida albicans, staphylococcus aureus and other common pathogenic bacteria, and for the new crown pneumonia virus inactivated effect to a certain extent, to some extent can effectively kill the new crown pneumonia virus. ( Seoul, South Korea, wei such and SETi research has confirmed the UVC LED technology achieved within 30 seconds to kill 99. A new type of coronavirus) 9% In life, we go home every day with alcohol, disinfectant spray spray, spray spray there here is very troublesome, if have the folding UVC ultraviolet XiaoDuBao, put in the need to sterilize goods directly, connect the power supply, a key to open, three minutes to finish sterilization work, very convenient. More important is the XiaoDuBao sterilization rate is as high as 99. 9%, this is what other disinfection method. Such as going out with masks, with into XiaoDuBao, after 3 minutes after take out another new masks, province masks and save money, the key is like a guardian angel to protect our health. The folding UVC ultraviolet XiaoDuBao USES a very wide range, all items to the sun can be put in sterilization, like mobile phones, at hand, the, bottle, underwear, and other items can be put in the sterilization. The UVC ultraviolet XiaoDuBao also has the folding folding function, after folding volume only before folding volume of about a quarter of the size, whether it be put in the' target='_blank'>make up bag or suitcase or receive daily, take up the space is very small. The XiaoDuBao power adapter is very wide, ordinary mobile power can be a key to start the sterilization, not restricted by factors such as weather, places, time, really is not too convenient to use!
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