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Remove receive travel bag smell what good method

by:Yiqing Luggage     2020-09-15
Generally receive new travel bag has taste, the reason will have this kind of situation, mainly because after production will be packed and stacked in the warehouse will not ventilation, in such an environment, smell will send out all the time, in order to ensure the bag can be used well, there are some of the ways to remove odor is necessary. Remove bag smells method: a: towel, dry with a soft towel soaked in water, and then take out dry, and then put the bag inside and carefully wipe again, wiping out the leather bag in ventilated place dry. Attention, if the summer, can be a little bit in the sun, want to in winter, not in the sun, because the bags will be affected by the cold air in the winter sun, cortex easy reaction and make the leather crispy. Method 2: orange peel odor removal there are a lot of people have the habit of eating oranges, can use at this time, you may not know, there are a lot of honeycomb hole above the orange peel, is a good adsorbent. We just need to put the rest of us eat an orange, clean air first, and then divided into piece by piece in my bag, and then close the bag, over a period of time to open the bag you will find, the peculiar smell of the leather bag not only removed, you can also make our portfolio of fragrant. Method 3: cotton wrapped leather bag need not when, in the cotton in the generation of save, don't put into the plastic bag, because plastic bag air circulation, can make the leather is too dry and damaged. Package soft toilet paper, in order to keep the shape of the bag. If no suitable bag, old pillowcase is operable. Through the above three methods is introduced, which can be very good to remove travel to receive bag smell, let every time you use bag, can have a good mood.
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