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Qingdao backpack order three elements

by:Yiqing Luggage     2020-12-10
Last year as the dragon TV & other; Extreme challenges throughout the &; Hot, one of the program is recorded in Qingdao. We also had more chic by Huang Bo to Qingdao. Rich Marine resources, delicious seafood, generous enthusiasm of Qingdao, a city life is relatively slow. As the beautiful island of Qingdao, besides is a tourist resort, or many & other; Facing the ocean bloomy spring & throughout; Dream, very yearning to live and work in peace and contentment in this city. Where there is a backpack custom-made Qingdao? Want to order a batch of backpack in Qingdao, the first to find the bag manufacturer. As a buyer, looking for a make up bag in the early period of the manufacturer, to make detailed plans, specific plans can be subdivided into the part. A: presence of sample package or pictures before looking for make up bag manufacturers make to order a batch of backpack, as buyers should confirm whether there is a sample at hand bag, no sample package, if there is a look at the backpack style. Size bags manufacturer, operating experience, are supported to be customized, or to map custom-made. If no sample package and see the backpack style pictures, might as well let manufacturer sales staff to recommend to you. 2: custom-made backpack backpack number quantity ordered, vital part of no specific number of custom, looking for handbag factory early will be more arduous. Both large and small factories, is the minimum order quantity, order quantity is too low, generally there is no way into a single large factories. As a small factory, order quantity is too large, general small plant is intentional and force is insufficient, which affects the quality of the bag. Order number and, if there is no clear bag, make up bag manufacturer cannot have detailed quotation. Three sample: the requirement of the package whether have sample package or packages samples of the purchaser, should be factory sales staff to confirm specific design, to the sales staff put forward concrete sample package requirements, for example, some buyers are need printing company LOGO as propaganda, the LOGO needed to process. To the functional requirement of the backpack, waterproof, wear and shock, etc. Early good communication, to better facilitate the cooperation each other. Qingdao backpack order where to find? Qingdao is after all weapons, work development can't calculate on the quality. Here small make up recommend a professional bag factory, power it is Jin Jieqiang. Jin Jieqiang focus on personalized bags made for 12 years, the main bulk custom make all kinds of gift bags, backpacks, bags and other products, by manufacturer provides straightly, price advantage, quality guaranteed, the time limit for a project is not delayed. Product style is rich, but for processing, if you have bags customized requirements, welcome calls negotiate!
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