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Pull rod box custom common problem resolution

by:Yiqing Luggage     2020-11-11
The making craft of pull rod box to a lot more difficult than the making craft of backpack, so, at the time of custom pull rod box, is likely to encounter many problems, today, Jin Jieqiang small make up rolling suitcase custom gave you talk about common problems, and see it together. 1, pull rod box shape custom problem, the style of the pull rod box there are many on the market, regular, cartoon characters, some customers in custom pull rod box, TuZhi manufacturer according to your own design will be requested to give relevant pull rod box, but not all manufacturers around the world have the freedom to create any shape of rod box, rod box production need to open mould, and if the manufacturer of the style of customer's requirement is not, then you need to open mold, the mold ready to open for further production, but some of the strength is not enough, mould is one of the biggest problems, because don't have the ability to open a new mould, and the cost of the mould is very high, the cost of the mould is requirements, so, no matter from the manufacturer or the customer's point of view, are suggested to choose a design is very complicated pull rod box to customize, finally is to choose the manufacturer has some styles, so that both sides to save time and effort to save money. 2 problem rod box, rod box custom because of the production process is complicated, so the minimum quantity of an order for the custom requirement is high also, if only to customize a few or dozens of words, the number is too little, most manufacturers to save costs will choose not to order, so, if custom quantity is less, suggestion choice of payment for goods now, lest because of custom quantity is little and can't find the manufacturer, waste of manpower and material resources. 3, pull rod box custom cycle due to the production process is complicated, rod box, customized cycle is long, so, before pay attention to the good grasp of time, in order to avoid time, cargo is not out, it is worth noting that the production cycle generally refers to the customer to confirm if the sample satisfied, from the manufacturer to shipment this time, most of the manufacturer's production cycle is 15 Is around 25 days, but on the previous customer and manufacturer communication, early proofing confirmed ( Proofing time required is usually a week or so) Such as time, the whole period of basic in more than 25 days, so, before the timing pull rod box, buyers will be prepared in advance, lest time is up, but not their cargo cannot finish. Pull rod box custom still hotspots for looking for a factory? Choose Jin Jieqiang, the quality of the goods time all trust, as benchmarking enterprise of guangdong suitcase industry custom, Jin Jieqiang has focused on bags production and research and development, is committed to providing valuable bags custom service!
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