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Professionals briefcase daily collocation technique

by:Yiqing Luggage     2020-12-31
Is essential for professionals, briefcase, choose an appropriate portfolio not only facilitate the work, can also reveal their own temperament and charm, plus for their image. But briefcase is useful, collocation have skill, don't know do you know the body in the workplace? Just take a look at below small make up for everybody finishing professionals briefcase daily collocation skill! 1, briefcase, color choice is better consistent with the dress briefcase to a certain extent, can reflect a person's personality and preferences, for professionals, to give people the feeling of mature, briefcase is preferred in a dark color, and color selection is better consistent with the dress, generally with a dark suit, black brown or brown with light color suit is preferred. 2 dimensions should be given priority to with portable briefcase, briefcase, not too much, otherwise would match very uncoordinated, generally briefcase as long as you can easily put down not fold A4 paper documents for the appropriate size. So, professionals in a briefcase of choose and buy time to remember the size to choose, don't pursue too much capacity and choose bigger briefcase, lest daily collocation. 3, briefcase should match according to the users' age, position, etc of different age and seniority will affect the collocation of daily briefcase, generally speaking, young people briefcase, can choose more color also can be a little light some, just work young people the sense that gives a person is not frivolous, also do not need too serious. Since entered employee, office accessories and office will be a lot of information, therefore, can choose a slightly larger capacity of his briefcase. And the choice of the workplace in the briefcase may be less, the workplace important positions, a simple and elegant laptop briefcase is the nods eyeball pen of the workplace. On the choice of a briefcase, in addition to choose concise and classic style, more should pay attention to quality, the leather briefcase to use for a long time also won't feel old, but with more and more interesting. as an important accessories daily, whether it is work, leisure, travel, there is a handy bag to receive your belongings, in and out of the situation is different, easy grace always go wrong. To see in the face of the world, the important visual image how often a person ability, can help a decent briefcase instantly improve the image of the individual. A suitable for his briefcase, can bring you enough confidence to meet all kinds of challenge in the workplace. For professionals briefcase daily collocation technique, are popular here. If you want to customize a briefcase, please look for the Jin Jieqiang! Jin Jieqiang is a mainly engaged in professional design, production, custom all kinds of bags, leather goods, product sales of integrated production-oriented enterprises. From planning, design, proofing, material, production, processing, distribution and after-sale, link in the whole process of make out an invoice for customer service, with real price, excellent quality, good reputation to win the high praise, is a reliable bags manufacturers!
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