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Processing customized high-end leisure travel bag is

by:Yiqing Luggage     2020-10-10
Bag is a handicraft, it is need through layer upon layer link processing, to show to us in the form of products, how processing, high-end leisure travel bag is how to customize the process? Luggage processing process is very cumbersome, seemingly large aspects of only a few steps, but it takes a lot of manpower and material resources, the early stage of the first is need stylist manuscript drawing, drawing has been completed, according to the manuscript size, need material on board, you need to start plate after cutting workshop into the team for the cutting piece of cloth, then cut pieces of good fabrics to the workshop and technical personnel, with high car, dy cars, double needle car parking Spaces, to meet the needs of all kinds of craft, after finish the production, also need to cengcengbaguan, by quality inspection department to check for incomplete, only after inspection qualified to have unified packaging, packaging department hang tags, shipment, etc. And order process, there is no process so complicated, but need to put the various customization requirements in place, generally a process, starting from the customer online consulting, communication in place after the demand, according to the requirements of customers for the design proofing, proofing finished goods in the client's confirmation, confirmed by the customer after the can, by customer order again began to batch production, quality inspection after delivery, a complete order process is over. Above all, simple for everyone tells the story of high-end luggage processing and order process, actually these in place, we need follow up after-sales service is also in place, after all we are not doing a one-time deal, only the after-sales service in place, let customers have been recognized, we can make our high-end leisure travel bag is doing better.
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