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Primary school bag custom school to seize what elements

by:Yiqing Luggage     2020-11-25
School uniform to give the students the custom bag, not only can reduce the student about bag comparisons between ethos, ethos can also be unified school students overall style, beautiful and recognition degree is high, will help the school brand promotion. Today, Jin Jieqiang bag custom manufacturer will give you a brief introduction about the elementary school school to seize what elements, check out together! 1, the bag custom fabric standard bag is environmental protection non-toxic is one of indispensable items in children in learning career, children should contact with the bag for a long time, therefore, healthy environmental protection bag fabric is very important. Make inferior fabric bag products are often prone to excess material such as formaldehyde, aromatic amine, the harmfulness of formaldehyde to exceed bid believe needless to say, you also know that. So, schools in custom bags, choose to strictly control the fabrics, fabrics choose healthy environmental protection, non-toxic, non-polluting, formaldehyde-free exceeds bid is the basic requirements. 2, the size of the bag custom size grading elementary school stage includes 1 - choose to be Grade 6, according to the height of students body shape can be divided into 1 - probably Grade 3 and 4 Grade 6 of these two stages, 1 - Height of 3 grade students physique is relatively smaller, so, can choose bag size height in 32 - 38 cm, and 4 - Grade 6 students height size is large, and with the increase of schoolwork, bag required capacity will increase, so you can give them a larger bag, 36 - height The size of the 42 cm between is more appropriate. Schools in custom bags, consider grade custom, lets the student with the size is fit for school bag. 3, backpack straps to bag the custom don't choose those thin shoulder bag, shoulder belt is very fine, to a carrying children will feel very heavy, and very shoulders, with very bad experience. custom must choose comfortable soft wide shoulder straps, wide shoulder straps can not only spread to shoulder the pressure, can also reduce the schoolbag of trapezius muscle strain, scattered shoulder pressure, carry bag to school easier. 4, is customized to see whether the interior design good bag, is bound to have a reasonable internal space design, bag within reasonable space distribution, classification, children can put books, stationery and supplies, clean and orderly bag, not only more convenient to take goods, but also can be fostered children receive arrange ability, develop good living habits. Primary school bag custom to grasp the elements and there are many, each school bag, head of the custom, if you want to know more details, please call our Jin Jieqiang manufacturer free hotline 4000061690, we will according to your requirements for your detailed answers details, help you tailored exclusive the features of the school make up bag, welcome to inquiry.
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