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Pet bag, pet bag, pet bag

by:Yiqing Luggage     2020-10-16
Recently online: 'the guangdong foshan, killed the old man stumbled by pet dog rope dog girl suffering soul. A piece of abuse not only laid siege to the little girl young mind, even the old man children with no accountability for the claim of the compassion heart ACTS of kindness also spared no one, save a soul is ten thousand times more difficult than destroy a person, for the teachers action thumb up for redemption. After this happened, thanks to the positive energy in the society, not held accountable for the old man children and ACTS of kindness and the teachers don't claim to save a soul, and redeem the behavior of one thumb up, life is so positive energy is needed to support the development of the society and civilization progress. Life in the accident, can't is avoided? The answer is no, we can before the accident, do some preventive measures, the city now young people like keeping pets, pet accompanying travel friend is not only to take care of yourself, and take good care of their own small lovely, for their own, the more his pet, it is strongly recommended that you prepared for the accompanying travel pet a safe, comfortable pet package. Foshan Jin Jieqiang tourism supplies co. , LTD. , the latest pet series of pet bag, for the sake of the safety of the pet and the accompanying design, customized to provide convenience and guarantee to travel. Pet pockets ( Pet bag, hang rope, dog rope) : as foshan Jin Jieqiang tourism supplies co. , LTD. , this year's creative research and development new products, use warm color to move, close to the quality of life, material selection, 600 d snowflakes, committed to the comfort of pet, sweet gentle harbor. Using pet backpack: fabrics, double twill material: 230 t combined sandwich net, make our products more soft, comfortable, breathable, and other functions, pet out necessities. Pet hand bag: portable travel one shoulder his breathable dogs and cats bag, hand bag, pet take your pet to feel the comfortable nature, sun and breath. Whether it is a normal sports, tourism, travel, pet walking, all meet your travel must be to have it, consider travel easily at any time! Convenient and powerful pet bag, what are you waiting for, hurriedly laid hands on him! Focus on foshan Jin Jieqiang tourism co. , LTD continuously updated!
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