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Oxford cloth with natural leather which fabric is better

by:Yiqing Luggage     2020-11-17
Fabric quality is one of the key factors for bag product quality guaranteed, different fabrics made of bags products, its quality is a big difference, so, what kind of fabrics with natural leather Oxford cloth better? To listen to how Jin Jieqiang manufacturer said. Oxford cloth with natural leather bags this two kinds of fabrics in the production process of material, is applied more in these two kinds of different material properties, the applicable bags products is also different. Oxford cloth itself functional diversity, is widely applied, its basic characteristics have strong wear resistance, waterproof, etc. Oxford cloth mainly set of lattice, the whole play, polyamide fiber, and other varieties, make more species is set for the bags, Oxford cloth, the fabrics of geographic use polyester FDY150D / 36 f. Fabric used plain weave in water-jet loom weaving, warp/weft density is 360 x210, grey cloth by relaxation, alkaline, dyeing, antistatic, coating processing, has the quality of a material is frivolous, soft, water proofing property is good, good durability and other advantages. The Oxford cloth bags is good, is also common. Natural leather, commonly known as the dermis, usually made from animal skins processed, so relative to the artificial chemical fiber materials made of artificial leather, natural leather material is limited and the price is high. Using natural leather material bags, its permeability is good, elegant appearance, plump and soft feel, and natural leather bags more durable material. Although the make up bag good quality leather material makes no words, but the leather material also has some shortcomings, first of all is the real leather material raw material is rare, so the price of materials is relatively high, for general custom side, want to under the condition of limited budgets leather bags in mass customization, basic is impossible, after all, the high cost can be overwhelming. Second, leather material in use process is strict, can't cut ceng, water spray, contact corrosive goods and so on, otherwise, the bags will be deformation or damage, will affect to use. Oxford cloth with natural leather have their own advantages, it is difficult to judge which is better, because each kind of material has its own advantages and disadvantages, so choosing making bags material, need to choose according to their own nature and demand to Oxford cloth or natural leather material, etc.
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