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【 Oxford cloth 】 What is the 1680 d Oxford cloth

by:Yiqing Luggage     2020-12-04
Bags custom, if the customer want to choose the material is very sturdy and high cost performance, most manufacturers recommend are 1680 d Oxford cloth, because most customers is a layman, therefore, the material is not very understanding, today, Jin Jieqiang manufacturer simple to everyone say what is what is 1680 d Oxford cloth, and see it together. Oxford cloth is a kind of originated in Britain, with Oxford University named after the traditional combed cotton fabric, due to its quality of a material is frivolous, feel is good, and very wear-resisting durable, and so many bags on the market are using this kind of fabric. And 1680 d is short for 1680 d double strands of Oxford cloth, of double warp double weft plain textile fabrics, the original raw material for nylon material. Usually two 420 d nylon yarn twisting through winding wire, prepared after close to a twist silk 840 d, because the texture of double warp double weft, two twin wire 840 d 1680 d. 1680 d twin Oxford cloth with strong tensile strength and abrasion resistance, 1680 d Oxford cloth by calender PVC, excellent adhesive, PU coating, after processing, feel better, better waterproof performance also has a very high density and water proofing property, its waterproof performance generally reached this stage IPX3 or IPX4 waterproof level, combined with the 1680 d Oxford cloth with high gloss, twin 1680 d is now commonly used in high grade outdoor fabrics or tool bags. Oxford cloth & other; D” The higher the number, the better the quality, the greater the weight. D represent the denier, denier. Denier is a fine bouquet of silk, synthetic fibers, nylon textile fiber length measuring system of the density of the unit, is refers to the 9000 m long fiber in the quality grams when moisture regain, units for the denier. Is the measuring unit of the fiber fineness. For example, 9000 m long fiber weighs 600 grams, the fiber is called the 600 d. 9000 m long yarn weighs 600 grams, the yarn called yarn of 600 d. The greater the number, the coarse yarn or fiber. About & other; What is the 1680 d Oxford cloth & throughout; Description is such, if you still have what not understand, welcome to consult Jin Jieqiang manufacturer, we'll do what can I help you to solve.
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