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Outdoor travel, how can you less folding travel bag

by:Yiqing Luggage     2020-10-07
Speaking of outdoor travel, now a lot of people are not strange, every weekend or holiday, friends, comprise the outdoor travel team, say come away trip began, and folding travel bag is a must-have item outdoor travel, that how can you less? As art or small make up for the holidays will be about on a few colleagues to go mountain climbing, or away to look at the scenery, now young people, also is inclined to outdoor sports, especially in the office work for five days, or even six days, while rest, more willing to go out to absorb the fresh air, feel the natural scenery. The preparation before attend outdoor travel, is sufficient, such as mineral water, umbrella, towel, etc. , there are some love making the outdoor scenery, camera is also necessary, although is short outdoor travel, all love lightly, but must items also need to have foot, these items in hand, or put in my pocket, apparently does not display, are generally need to carry a folding bag, can easily get the items with problem. Why is folded and backpacking? Not the other package? Just for climbing the mountain, the top is also need four hours of time, especially now the hot weather, the hands always take a bottle of water, carrying a single shoulder bag, or hand carry a bag, very inconvenient, climb all the way to take a package, also will be very tired, and professional outdoor sports enthusiasts, we are always see they are carrying a bag, carrying tourism supplies not only is more complete, and with double shoulder, also won't too tired in the trip. Art or have a new folding travel backpack, 2019, the main 'light wave series', not only conforms to the trend of the current fashion trends, and more to meet young people like minimalism, outdoor travel and special you, as his outdoor folding and backpacking.
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