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Outbreak of the backpack custom without price fluctuations

by:Yiqing Luggage     2021-02-17
After an unprecedented new crown after pneumonia outbreak, the from all walks of life are influenced by, or light or heavy, backpack custom industry also can not escape. Many backpack manufacturers is also difficult to return to work after experiencing difficulties, today, Jin Jieqiang manufacturer and we discuss about the backpack to return to work after the custom without price fluctuations, and make a reference for everyone, to understand understand together. Backpack custom need the interaction of the upstream and downstream industry chain, can not have factory backpack cloth make it directly to the finished product, no other factory can one pace reachs the designated position every link from raw material to the finished product can be produced, also need to upstream and downstream industries and to customize the backpack, after all, produce a complete pack both fabrics and hardware components and the head of zipper accessories etc. Backpack custom price is not only influenced by the raw material of the upstream and downstream industry chain, is also affected by the factors such as logistics, labor costs, the causes, raw material production limited limited return to work, workers return to work, logistics is blocked, less orders all sorts of reasons such as the cumulative together, will be in a certain extent affect the price of backpack custom, of course, the specific price how many have to float with backpack custom manufacturer specific communication is clear. Jin Jieqiang manufacturer in this give you a warm reminder, as a new style backpack bags custom clients must be well prepared and loose some budget to guarantee the demand perfect backpack custom correctly and on time delivery. If you have doubt if backpack custom prices, can be online or inquire ( 4000061690). Jin Jieqiang manufacturer, we will give you real offer according to your design, kid sou have no deceit.
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