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Order 1000 cosmetic bag, how long can you make delivery?

by:Yiqing Luggage     2020-10-14
Order 1000 cosmetic bag, for individual, the quantity is big, but for manufacturers, 1000 number not much, how long does it take to so we can expect shipment? With this problem, by the arts fine below small make up to explain in detail: 1, the makeup bag production process each kind of cosmetic bag has its unique production process, if only just receive a package, simple production process, so for factory, workers will speed up the production efficiency, they will reduce a lot of time, can shorten the time of delivery, if the process is responsible, to produce a time of this kind of package, to be the top five simple make-up bag production on time, so time will naturally extend. 2, factory scheduling cosmetic bag manufacturer for each production order, are a sorting, according to the order to production, not the single, can produce directly, if this is the case, that the manufacturer has not line, can only rely on you that a single to live, without you this single could be in danger of collapse, so for the scheduling of manufacturer, we are also can understand very well, on top, time of delivery will be. 3, as the case may be manufacturers take custom orders, will note in the contract, the delivery time is how many days, generally is 30 working days, if there are any clients will cargo situation is urgent, can and factory negotiate, manufacturer will according to the special situation, can arrange the factory worker to work overtime or communications, to ensure customer delivery time of emergency. Overall, 1000 cosmetic bag manufacturers custom-made, according to the manufacturer to arrange, 30 working days can be delivery, if you are urgent, can negotiate with factory communication, to ensure the delivery time.
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