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On a plane carrying folding bag have a boarding - The q&a

by:Yiqing Luggage     2020-10-16
Airplane travel or go out at the present time the distance necessary means of transportation, can we save a lot of precious time on time efficiency, provide convenient and quick at the same time, and some related knowledge we also should know, such as flying, folding bag travel movement can on board? This problem plagued many people boarding the plane, for the first time, below small make up to you on this question: according to the China's civil aviation passenger baggage rules to the provisions of article 37 of chapter 11: the checked baggage must be packed correctly, well lock, tied up, can absorb a certain amount of pressure, can under the condition of normal operation safe handling and transportation, and shall meet the following conditions, otherwise, the carrier may refuse to collector: ( A) Luggage, travel bag, and handbag etc. Must be locked; ( 2) The package of two above, cannot be bound to a; ( 3) Insert the luggage can not attached on the other items. ( 4) Bamboo basket, mesh bags, straw rope, straw bag, no outer packing of luggage; ( 5) Luggage should be giving passenger name, detailed address, phone number. The checked baggage weight per piece not more than 50 kg, volume is no more than 40 * 60 * 100 cm, luggage in excess of the above regulations, shall first seek consent of the carrier to check. Hand-carry baggage weight can not more than 10 kg, the volume per piece not more than 20 x 40 x 55 cm. The weight of the carry-on baggage, each passenger is limited to 5 kg. Passenger holding first-class tickets, each person can carry two items. The volume of each piece of carry-on baggage are no more than 20 x 40 x 55 cm. More than the weight, the number or volume limits carry-on items, should be as checked baggage. Chapter 11 article 38 each passenger is the free baggage allowance ( Including shipping and hand-carry baggage) : first class passengers are adults or children ticket is 40 kg and business class passengers to 30 kg, economy class passengers is 20 kilos. Hold the baby ticket passengers no free baggage allowance. On the same flight to the same destination of two or more counterparts such as passenger baggage formalities at the same time, same place, the free baggage allowance can incorporate computation passenger ticket price level of the respective standard. International transportation of domestic segment, each passenger free baggage allowance according to the applicable international routes free baggage allowance is calculated. Through the above rules, we learned that on a plane, can carry travelling bag on board, but you have to follow the above rules carry, beyond the economy class ticket price of 1 part should be in accordance with the full price. 5% charge per kilogram. Particularly warm prompt carry travelling bag, bag shall not carry knives in flight. Controlled knives sharp or blunt outside should be checked baggage, not with you.
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