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Novice outdoor backpack considerations of choose and buy

by:Yiqing Luggage     2021-02-22
In today's society, more and more people like to participate in various activities, and to complete the outdoors, the appropriate equipment is indispensable, among them, the outdoor backpack is indispensable in outdoor activities, and today, Jin Jieqiang small make up a novice gave you talk about outdoor backpack and matters needing attention of choose and buy, understand understand together, hope to be able to help you choose and buy is suitable to pack. 1, to participate in the activities of what to buy a backpack to determine before they want to participate in activities. Because even the same brand, and in the many kinds of types. Less will be divided into walk package and mountaineering bags, more and more points are skiing header bag, backpack, travel bag, leisure, rock climbing in the city bag and so on. In general, light model suited to walk through the activities, camping, for short periods of time, pay attention to light weight, simple design, this type of backpack when weight is not more than 4, 5十 jin is a good choice. And heavy backpack on the contrary, suitable for high altitude mountaineering, long distance through activities such as, design more thought is load condition of bearing performance, but tend to be larger weight. If capital is not nervous, of course, is to buy a few more bags to suit different activities, if want to buy a backpack, it must make clear what you need, you want to participate in the activities of the what is, and then decide. After 2, capital input to determine their own activities, considering how much ready to put their money. In situations where conditions permit, must as far as possible buy good your backpack, but now, after all, outdoor equipment is a price a points goods. 3, material, workmanship, design in the case of a brand or style has been selected, look at its materials, workmanship and design. On the material. One can ask outdoor store clerk, but by their experience. material is divided into basic fabric, zipper, buckle, ribbon, belt or shoulder pad and so on; Work depends on yourself to see if a backpack off line not neat, thread is more, I'm afraid it's hard to let you produce strong confidence to it; Design, then there is a good package in design is more humanized, carefully see if you want to buy a make up bag can make you satisfied. After more than 4, try back after seeing these, you may have sure you want to buy a backpack. Or one or a few, ok, try the back. Whether you want to buy a make up bag to your satisfaction, if carrying uncomfortable it is all empty, so I suggest: be sure to try before buying back, and it is best to try a few more, put on weight to try. Finally, both the outdoor backpack, according to the travel need, depending on the season, according to the content arrangement, according to whether the camping, according to the volume of outdoor equipment, according to fully consider the activities of the travel environment, equipment replacement and the increase or decrease in clothes, etc. If you need custom outdoor backpack, no matter what kind of outdoor backpack, can choose Jin Jieqiang! Jin Jieqiang since its establishment has been more than 14 years, with rich experience in the bags, is a professional manufacturer of outdoor backpack custom, customers can provide version or samples, or choose my company's existing version or sample, we can also according to customer requires further design version, we will provide customers with high quality bags custom service, making rendering, and then put into production, and really really create value for customers!
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