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National Day little long holiday, your luggage ready

by:Yiqing Luggage     2020-10-08
National Day little long holiday, can be said to be the last long holiday this year, in November and December are no holidays, many are going to visit friends, now also comes early to start planning the long holiday where to play? But before a trip, travelling bag to carry, so your luggage ready? Many people would say, travel luggage not to use it, it is good to pull a suitcase, also need not carry or carry, also very save time and effort, that have you ever thought, National Day the long vacation, travel is a lot of, take small make up for, in early September, began to take National Day ticket, until now still show rob ticket, you can imagine this National Day, the number of tourist is a lot of, if use a rolling suitcase on the train, on the plane, it's so crowded, is not convenient to carry, can some people say the plane check ah, but this check, 1 is according to the ticket. Extra charge of 5%, and the National Day the price of the flight can be said to be twice as much at ordinary times, the shipping price will be much higher, but with a travelling bag, shoulder the back or a hand, say you can walk walk, reduce the unnecessary trouble, also save some travel expenses. Especially we go to some scenic spots, or the beach by the sea, the road is not flat, rolling suitcase this time it will become a burden, the serious influence travel mood, luggage this time can be put to use, go to say, let us go free and easy, nature. Art sunny brand, there are a few bag, is very suitable for National Day the long vacation travel, let me introduce for you: waterproof nylon folding bag material is choose waterproof nylon, more don't have to worry about, while traveling in thunderstorm weather, package valuables get wet, a this bag, carry several sets of autumn clothes also quite enough, and when not in use, can be folded to receive up, after folding volume size and water bottles, more convenient to carry. Gym bag of this package, it can be said that there are a lot of use, first appearance design fashion, in line with the young people be fond of, and the colour is five color optional, have independent shoe warehouse design, can make shoes and clothes separately, inside the package design is very humanization, dry wet depart the design space, and the wet clothes to dry clothes classification stacked. National Day the long vacation, this bag is very suitable for you travel in the two, if they carry items too much, must pull a suitcase, these two bags also can match box is used, the back of the bag design rod thimble, can directly set in luggage pull rod, travel more convenient.
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