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Mummy bag custom price is

by:Yiqing Luggage     2021-06-22
In recent years, the existence of the mummy bag custom is more popular, and for a mummy bag custom needs of customers, in addition to choose mummy make up bag style, material, and it is important to know in advance the custom mummy bag price, so, what is the mummy bag custom price? Let's listen to Jin Jieqiang manufacturer for this problem is how to say it. 1, style affect the price of custom mummy bag there are many kinds of style, different style its function and price difference is very big, in general, the design is simple, production process is simple, shorter production time, custom price is lower, on the other hand, the price will be higher. Enterprises want to customize a mummy bag, with the production process is complicated, customize the price will be higher. Number 2, custom influence prices as the saying goes, meager profit but high turnover, if the number of custom mummy bag is very big, the majority of manufacturers will reduce the price lower, because the amount is much, manufacturer of the whole production cost control is reasonable, there will reduce waste, the production cost reduced, factory price nature also decreases. And many bags custom manufacturers to save costs, is the minimum order requirements for a number of custom, and if the order can not meet the relevant provisions, the manufacturer will not order, so as not to do business at a loss. 3 custom, material influence on market price of the backpack production material, there are many different materials to make is there a difference to the quality of the bag, of course, price difference is bigger, also of good quality and good material to the bag price will be higher, on the other hand, the price will be lower. Mummy bag custom, choose Jin Jieqiang, good word of mouth is trustworthy! Jin Jieqiang spirit & other; In the customers, for customers throughout the &; Tenet, service live thousands of famous enterprises, such as huawei, HOME LINK, China's ping an, byd, etc, the products are widely used in various fields, see the strengths, choose Jin Jieqiang for it!
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