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Ms toiletry bags which brand is good

by:Yiqing Luggage     2020-09-19
Cosmetic bag and toiletry bags for women, is the necessary travel that occupy the home, without the two packages, so much there is no place of cosmetics and toiletries, not like a man wash gargle bag, simple device some daily necessities, so for ms, choosing toiletry bags, with which brand good? Art shine by toiletry bags brand manufacturer below small make up for you to explain in detail: we said the first lady wash gargle bag and makeup bag, the difference between for delicate type woman, is to understand, but for 'the yes fei' female man, also may understand much, here small make up is to popularize the first: wash gargle bag and makeup bag difference: 1, the makeup bag is commonly used in cosmetics products, skin care products, including on the other hand, essence, cream, lipstick, perfume, eyebrow pencil, foundation, blush, etc. And toiletry bags is mainly used in place of basic toiletries, including a travel pack of shampoo, shower gel, cream cleanser, soap, towel, etc. 2, there is a difference on material, wash gargle bag with transparent plastic, such as PVC, EVA, etc. Because toiletries leaves after wash gargle water droplets, to use waterproof material; Cosmetic bag of basic materials include PU leather, polyester, velvet, etc. , main effect is to receive a shatterproof. Introduces the difference between cosmetic bag and toiletry bags, below, to return to the theme, says ms toiletry bags brand. In daily life, or search on the net, speaking of toiletry bags brand, this almost impossible to find in our impression, to say your luggage, anta, li ning, the domestic abroad have adidas, Nike and so on some of the other people all know brand, cosmetic bag, big also have chanel, lancome, givenchy, etc. , but only wash gargle bag, famous brand is almost not, mainly because some big brand manufacturers, few are willing to develop such a fine classification, and domestic, now do the parity of toiletry bags are very popular, many brand manufacturers, no place. About parity toiletry bags, ms will mention art sunny brand toiletry bags, not only variety, style is complete, lady need to conform to the aesthetic Angle, here, take you look at these products: 1, double toiletry bag as art or new cosmetic bag this year, material selection of dupont paper, is integrating makeup bag and wash gargle bag, both can be used as cosmetic bag, can also be used as toiletry bags, travel must-have items at home. 2, web celebrity printing toiletry bags this money for the design of a small, one person's travel, does not occupy a space, not accounting for the weight, the material selects the silk fabrics, feel is soft, light. A good item is not only the practical function, but also taste, quality of life and the pursuit of a better life. 3, cure makeup wash gargle bag every time series with two cosmetic bag, very inconvenient. So you want to do a meet all my skin care cosmetic bag, in short words with only one good, toiletries and cosmetics packed separately, and the dry wet depart, so this kind of dual function of toiletry bag like this. There are three kinds of color to choose, protea, primrose, purple flowers. Protea wash gargle bag primrose wash gargle bag purple flowers wash gargle bag small make up summary: ms toiletry bags which brand is good? Wash gargle bag brand manufacturers recommend, select art ms sunny brand toiletry bags, is your right choice, it is worth to let everyone accepted.
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