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Ms go out take back what kind of bag, how much is the price

by:Yiqing Luggage     2020-09-21
Lady to go out now, do not take back, was too embarrassed to go out, especially in the process of outdoor travel, also can see Ms. Lugging around all kinds of handbags, style class a lot, sometimes I don't know what pack is better, so average woman go out take back what kind of bag, how much is the price? A traveling bag trends in 2019, is a like to take back his bag, still can use as a purse, such as the rest of the time, climb a mountain, and is suitable for outdoor short-range day trip, do not need to carry a lot of things, only need to be able to accommodate some necessary items such as cell phones, chargers, of paper towel, this kind of bag, convenient and practical, has become the concave shape of brush street this season, but also with their dress collocation, a small bag with the back, can let you exudes a vigorous sense of youthful vitality. Bag fashion trend this year, in addition to the above a small bag, there is a large capacity folding bag is worth recommendation for ladies, 'tide' is synonymous with the package and popular style belongs to the port of the wind series, is a couple, but also more suitable for love beautiful lady, elegant design, can either be a handbag, also can be used as a single shoulder bag, carry out, very smart, when not in use, also can be folded up, do not take up extra places, is the collection of beautiful and practical. Introduces the above two models is suitable for lady go out take back travelling bag, besides the price, also is very friendly, we as bag manufacturers, belong to source direct suppliers, earn price difference is no middlemen, our price is transparent bag, to any customer or agent, the price are all alike, no high price, but also in line with the law of development of an industry, quantity is with preferential treatment, compared with a large number of wholesale and custom, is than the retail price is favorable. Through the above introduction, let us know about the woman go out choose what kind of travel bag, also know the price corresponding to travel, want to know more
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