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Mountaineering packages to choose from which points to consider

by:Yiqing Luggage     2021-02-15
Now, camping, hiking, through some outdoor sports, by the people more and more of these basic it is a team travel. Outdoor travel must carry the corresponding equipment, choose a performance excellence mountaineering bags, is often the first step on the ready to go. Mountaineering bag was originally climbers used for loading equipment's backpack, due to its scientific design, reasonable structure, easy to load the goods, with comfortable, suitable for the long journey. The following will introduce to you about mountaineering bags to choose from which points to consider? 1, go out scenario decided to climbing package volume package according to the capacity can be divided into 20 - 40 l small backpack, 40 - 60 l medium-sized backpack, more than 60 l large backpack. If you travel time 1 - again Within 3 days, can use 20 - 40 l small backpack. This backpack is usually simple structure, few set plugins, except for one main bag, usually there are 3 - 5 attached to the bag. If more than 3 days, can choose 40 - 60 l medium-sized backpack, suitable for sleeping a night. More than 60 l large backpack suitable for the tents, clothes and so on a large quantity of luggage is suitable for use. If need to load the goods is various or larger, optional 80 + 20 liters large backpack or plugins more bags. 2, according to body of bearing system of mountaineering bag size mountaineering bag are generally backpack, backpack is the most main consideration is the bearing system. Bearing system according to the distance of the shoulder to the waist of choose and buy of the human body, in general mountaineering bag is the most suitable for the length of the shoulder in ilium, male body length, so the backpack by key in the stomach, female bag by the emphasis on the waist. So don't back a lot of women backpack backpack, choose comfortable when the choose and buy, above the waist. 3, mountaineering bag material select outdoor mountaineering bags, when the choose and buy in addition to the shape and color, care about is the material of backpack. Climbing package materials commonly used nylon PU coating fabric, compared with PVC coating, under the sun does not harden, waterproof and wear resistance is better than PVC edge. Currently on the market brand mountaineering bag material basic using PU coating nylon material. 4 load function experiment mountaineering make up bag, mountaineering bag, as one of indispensable equipment in outdoor sports, hiking and reasonable way of packaging not only convenient to take when using items, and can save time, space, achieve the backpack to maximize the space, reduce energy consumption. Correct mountaineering packaging method is to put the things on both sides of the balance weight, weight in the above, often take things on top, like mobile phones, tissues and even the cookies. Young people today don't have time to work, for the most part also yearning for travel. Enterprises can take this points, group-buying customize a suitable for mountain climbing mountaineering bags, mark for company, organization staff travel together. Both the feelings between employees, also to propaganda of the company's image. Mountaineering bag manufacturers are looking for? Ksmart stronger than it was founded in 2004, is a collection of professional design team, excellent sales and mature production system bags custom manufacturers, twelve years service industries fields, by Coca-Cola, TCL, covidien medical customers long-term support and favor, is a one-stop equipment gift service equipment manufacturer.
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