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by:Yiqing Luggage     2021-01-05
Network generally, led to many handbag buyers, random search for key words on the net, you can search to the make up bag factory, they need again due to the common network, prompted the search to the bag factory information, is also very much, sometimes even dizzy, or more is in the stage of distrust. But in spite of this, but the network is a guarantee, purchaser can through the telephone consultation, search the way such as factory registration information, manufacturer information is reliable. So, where there are many bag factories? If luggage division in China, the concrete can be divided into: east of yiwu, dongyang, pinghu; The south is the pearl river delta ( Guangzhou, dongguan, shenzhen) ; Chengdu; and Field are north, south Taiwan; Quanzhou is one of the southeast area. Bags of the pearl river delta, regardless of technology or product quality compared to other area to lead. Is China's largest production base of bags, guangdong province, bags industry are mainly distributed in guangzhou huadu district, guangzhou city panyu district, and other areas of guangzhou and shenzhen. The luggage industry gathering area of guangdong province with geographical advantages, because of its adjacent to Hong Kong, information fast, so the product design and new varieties. In addition, the luggage industry agglomeration area of guangdong province, is famous for its complete industrial chain as its raw material market size is very big. Guangdong province as China's largest production base of suitcases and bags, luggage factory is also more, which is concentrated at guangzhou huadu. Guangzhou handbag factory and have the better? Jin Jieqiang manufacturer is one of them. Jin Jieqiang was founded in 2004, is a collection of bags product design, development, production and sales into an integrated whole enterprise. Undertake cases at home and abroad, the main products include backpacks, computer bags, briefcase, rod box and other kinds of bags, we with unique design research and development ability, strict in quality control, plus full production capacity, product won the affirmation of the broad masses of customers at home and abroad and love, is your trusted bag manufacturers!
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