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Mid-Autumn festival outdoor travel, suitable for what kind of bag

by:Yiqing Luggage     2020-08-29
Footsteps getting closer and closer to the Mid-Autumn festival, the Mid-Autumn festival small long vacation soon, for gens going to work, had been looking forward to the arrival of the holiday, now the heart has long been tempted, already planning ahead of the holiday where to play? What kind of package before a trip to back? General Mid-Autumn festival small long vacation, time is short, three days or so, suit to some neighboring nearby outdoor swimming, carry things also need not too much, if you don't consider in tourist attractions for the night, take a trip outside pockets, pockets inside the charging treasure, identification, cell phone, cash a few commonly used goods and so on, can meet our daily travel. The travel company will be at this time, suitable for outdoor swim short Mid-Autumn festival, three days and two nights, then we carry items are relatively more, generally in the autumn weather is cool, not so cold, don't need to carry heavy winter clothes, simple place two sets of clothes in the bag and a pair of spare shoes, we carry a gym bag, or a short swim bag back, can go said let's go, feel the beauty of autumn outdoor ecological. Mid-Autumn festival small long vacation, through the above introduction, let us also know the holiday travel, will back what kind of bag, want to know more related consulting, can continue to pay attention to small make up, focus on art or website.
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