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Microfiber leather and ordinary PU leather what are the difference

by:Yiqing Luggage     2020-12-15
Microfiber leather and PU leather in the suitcase industry custom, are more commonly used two kinds of raw materials, they are man-made leather under the different stages of development and the technical level of products, although there are certain substitution effect between the two, but the difference is bigger. Today, Jin Jieqiang will give you a brief introduction about the microfiber leather and PU leather, what are the difference between understand understand together. Microfiber leather and PU leather difference: 1, the price difference is bigger now on the market common PU leather in 10 - roughly the price range 30 ( Code) And the general microfiber leather price range in the 30 - 150 ( Code) , so the price of the microfiber is several times that of the ordinary PU leather. 2, microfiber leather superior performance is composed of a layer of high performance PU microfiber leather ( Polyurethane resin) And superfine fiber wiki cloth laminating, its structure and dermal closest, belongs to the third generation of artificial leather, PU leather have stronger than normal wear resistance, acid and alkali resistance, resistance to hydrolysis, hygroscopicity, comfort, etc. , and have better fastness and texture. In addition, in the chemical resistance superfine fiber synthetic leather, quality homogeneity, mass production and processing adaptability and waterproof, mildew resistant and so on more than the natural leather. 3, base cloth material different ordinary PU is knitting machines, weaving or non-woven fabric, which is then coated with polyurethane resin. And microfiber leather is with three dimensional structure of superfine fiber non-woven fabric as the base cloth, made of polyurethane resin coated with high performance. Base cloth material, process, technical level is different, have a decisive influence on the performance of the microfiber leather. Microfiber leather three-dimensional network of nonwovens for synthetic leather in base material created to catch up with the condition of natural leather. The product combined with newly developed with opening structure of the PU slurry impregnation, the processing technology of compound layer, played a microfiber huge surface area and strong water imbibition, made the superfine grade PU synthetic leather has a bunch of super fine collagen fiber moisture absorption characteristics of inherent natural leather, so no matter from the internal microstructure, or appearance texture and physical properties and people wearing comfort, etc. , can be comparable to those for senior natural leather. Practice has proved that all excellent properties of synthetic leather is a natural leather cannot be replaced, according to the analysis of market at home and abroad leather also has a large number of replacing the insufficient resources of natural leather. Using artificial leather and synthetic leather bags, clothing and other goods or decoration, has been increasingly get the affirmation of the market, the extent of its application, the great number of them, varieties, is a traditional natural leather can't meet. The above is about & other; Microfiber leather and PU leather & what are the difference between throughout; Simple introduction, if you want to further understand the relevant knowledge every parts and components in the backpack, can go directly into the Jin Jieqiang website ( www。 azy288。 com) Consulting relevant data, or direct contact ( 4000061690). Online customer service consultation.
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