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Mass customization make-up bag goods time is how long?

by:Yiqing Luggage     2020-10-15
Sometimes encounter makeup bag customers in mass customization, customization quantity is more, are generally started 3000, mass customization customers like this, they are more concern of the goods time, so the goods time is how long? With this problem, the arts fine below small make up for all answer: production of cosmetic bag manufacturers, every year to meet a lot of custom orders, each order will have a production order, need according to the production order of some factors such as production date, date of receipt, to mass production, in turn, mass customization of cosmetic bag, number is larger, the production cycle will be extended according to convention, conventional custom the goods time, 3000 the number below is from the date of the signing of the contract, 30 working days of delivery, and the quantity is large, for manufacturers and the high quality customers, manufacturers need and detailed communication. Such as custom number is larger, the goods time is tight, the factory will treat, as the case is also can coordinate to the employee to work overtime rushed the goods time, this kind of situation, is need to communicate with factory in detail, to give a definite answer.
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