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Manufacturer of female bag handbag production generation process

by:Yiqing Luggage     2020-09-09
Female bag in bag category, the proportion is the greatest demand, a lot of bags are also made for women, to find manufacturers, merchants will have the processing production of its own brand handbags, or the spot wholesale manufacturers. Above: ms cosmetic bag yesterday for you to find the 'foshan where do bag factory' the answer, recommend a good manufacturer, can do bag, also can do female bag, can support OEM OEM, OEM OEM, is refers to the processing production, can do their own brand products, customers need the product brand or agent production. There are also some customers will doubt, never before and manufacturer is dealt, also want to produce some more phase of product, have no sample can customize the bag picture? According to this problem, we also made answer, this kind of situation, can be customized bags. Custom again before production, is the need to communicate in advance after the product details, such as bag size, logo size, water washing label content, size, location, etc. , according to the product details, to master to houses, for their early proofing, the sample after delivery to the customer acceptance, the two sides after confirm qualified, can batch production.
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