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Man is worth the money of the three bags

by:Yiqing Luggage     2021-01-22
is not only a lady of collocation, men can also be used in our daily life bag collocation, let oneself become a fashionable young talent, different occasions costumes, the collocation of bag also differ, exactly how to choose is also many men are concerned about the problem. Small make up a man gave you talk about today's worth of three bags, know to understand together. 1, backpack as a daily commuter, necessary backpack is arguably one of the most practical joker make up bag. And in the fashion street snap, also can often see it, one is high, is very popular with stars and tide. Set of functional and fashion as one of the backpack, permeated with green breath, the most suitable for leisure dress up. Tie-in suit jacket and slacks, canvas shoes and so on all is a good choice. In addition to a joker, let integral modelling more attraction. 2, briefcase said to the men's bags, briefcases is absolutely necessary. For business men, whether daily commuting or use at work, is very suitable. Choose a atmosphere and quality briefcase is absolutely the right thing to do. Briefcase is most suited to match with the suit, it is suggested that to choose contracted design package, color is given priority to with the joker earth color, less error-prone. 3 daily collocation, single shoulder bag, single shoulder bag is also one of the common choice of stylish men, dressed in a suit or casual wear, using single shoulder make up bag collocation is not wrong choice. First brown bag, sedate atmosphere not only, and quite tasty. Messenger bag is also one of the single shoulder bag, one is higher. More bags consulting, in Jin Jieqiang! Bags custom look Jin Jieqiang Jin Jieqiang focus bags customized for 14 years, is the guangdong established handbag factory, the production strength, workshop equipment is complete, the product style is novel, with integrity, strength and product quality gain recognition in the industry, the make up bag manufacturer is worthy of trust!
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